Monday, May 20, 2013

My version of Home Depot's Flower tower....

Let me start off saying that this project was hard and expensive! I had to purchase 2 flats of flowers and probably could have used more. (I made 2 of these flat per tower.) I think it will fill out in time. Hints...use the fencing they recommend, the spaces in mine were too large. Fill the bottom of the pots with styrofoam as his project takes ALOT of soil.  Will post later in the summer to show you how it is coming along. Happy Gardening! Here is the link if you want o try it yourself...
P.S.  the other pot in the picture is filled with hostas which came back this year. Saw this idea on Pinterest of course!

Krafty Kristen: An old again!

Krafty Kristen: An old again!
My 12 year old daughter asked me if she could cut the sleeves off of her t-shirt. It was old so I said she could. She ran and showed me her new creation. She cut fringes on the sleeves and at the bottom of the shirt! She's very creative!