Monday, May 18, 2015

Terro Ant Killer vs. Raid Ant Gel, Terro wins!!

Video of ants loving Terro. They swarm around the small puddle of Terro and then take it back to their nest. They will be gone within one day. Do not disturb them!

Every spring since I have lived in my house, we get an ant problem. I have tried many different ant killers. Last time I went to the store, I couldn't find my favorite ant killer Terro, so I purchased the Raid Ant Gel.  It didn't seem to work.  I found the Terro and purchased it. Yesterday I had ants crawling on my counter (gross I know!) So I decided to do an "ant killing test." On a piece of foil I squeezed out some of the Raid ant gel on one side and Terro on the other. As you can see from the picture, there is one ant on the Raid gel and many on the Terro side. Today, I have no more ants. Terro wins again. 

Last year my in-laws had a terrible ant problem in their kitchen, to the point where my mother-in-law stopped baking. My father in law purchased ant traps, sprayed, nothing worked. I told him about Terro. He did what I said to do and in a few days they were gone! 

This is what I do when I notice the ants coming. I take a piece of aluminum foil, a 2 by 2 inch piece and squirt out a dime size blob of the Terro Ant Killer on it. I place it where the ants are. Within minutes, the ants are gathering around the blob. Do not disturb them! They are taking the "killer" back to their nest. It will take a few hours. Yesterday, I placed the ant killer down and this morning they are gone. Terro also makes traps where you cut off a bit of an end and the ants crawl in. I've used these as well with great success. As always, if you have young children or pets, please be careful so they don't come in contact with the ant killer,  put it in a discreet place. 

Terro did not pay me for this review! I just had to post something that I know that works. I've been using it for years. Please let me know how it works for you!  TERRO #ItWorks!

The ant test! Raid Ant Gel vs. Terro Ant Killer

A few minutes later... (the ants are more attracted to Terro)

The next morning... no ants!!

Terro Wins!!

Update 10/10/16. I have another ant problem, I put out some terrro this morning and this afternoon it is swarming with ants.

Update 4/29/2017
9:00 am ...I have ants in the upstairs bathroom, I placed a dime sized amount on a piece of foil. 2 hour later, it's filled with ants. 10:00 more ants! 


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TERRO - #ItWorks!

Unknown said...

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Real Estate Bookie said...

I've used both and I definitely find the raid ant gel more effective for our ants. (Maybe they are different kinds of ants.) The ants definitely go to the Terro, but they just keep coming and eating it. They never seem to disappear. With the raid gel, they swarm it and then usually disappear within 24 hours.

bestblogeritsme said...

Any idea about this spray?

kyc117 said...

I'm sorry, I know nothing about that spray. Terro is what works for me.