Thursday, June 23, 2016

Mind blowing tip for child in pull-ups!

Changing your child's pull up can be time consuming. This tip blew me away. 
Maybe moms know about this trick, but I didn't.
I have 2 teenage girls and wish I knew this when they were toddlers.

I worked in a classroom for children with special needs. A couple of the kids were in pull ups and we needed to assist them in the bathroom. If one of the kids had an accident and the pull-up needed to be changed, I took off their shoes, then pants, put the pull up on, then pulled up pants and then put shoes back on. This was difficult at times because one of my kids had an AFO brace. Sometimes I would have to take off the brace if they had on tight fitting pants. 

 It was such a long process!

A new person was hired for our classroom and I was showing her what we do with the kids. She said, "there is a much easier way to change the pull up." (She used this technique when she worked in day care.) As she demonstrated the technique, I was blown away. This was life changing. Why did I not know this? I could have been using this with my own kids. 
I will try to explain.


1.  Pull down child's pants or shorts to knee level. No need to remove shoes.  No need to remove a leg brace if they wear one.

2.  Rip sides of pull-up to remove.

3.  Take just ONE leg out of their pants.

4.  (This is the step that is hard to explain without a video.) With pants still on the one leg of the child, start to put the pull-up on as you usually would...(over the pants).  Take "the other leg of the pants" and push it down through the same opening with "the pants on the leg." (confusing I know)

5.   You now can pull "pull-up" all the way.

6. Slip leg of the pants onto the other leg of the child and pull up! Your done. (You may need to take off their shoe depending on how wide the pant leg is.)

I hope this tip helps. I was completely naïve about this. This tip would be good for elderly people as well who wear Depends.

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