Monday, July 1, 2019

Yarn stitches slipping off of your knitting needles? This is the best tip!

I have several  yarn projects going on the same time and keep them in the same bag. The pink rubber point projectors, fall off sometimes if they aren’t the correct size and stitches fall off of the needle. I came up with an idea after not wanting to spend $12 on metal protectors. Take a silicone, rubber drinking straw and try slipping both needles inside. Cut a section to your desired shape. I cut mine about 2 inches. Both needles fit snuggly inside. With larger needles, you may need one section per needle. Just don’t push in too far or it will be difficult getting them out.


Deborah Poole said...

I followed your link from comment on KGK's tour of KnitCircus yarn shop. Great idea!

kyc117 said...

Thank you! I am not an expert knitter but am enjoying learning something new every time I knit. Have a great day!

kyc117 said...

Thank you!